Our own creations


After being diagnosed with Motor Neurone's Disease, Ted goes on a trip of a lifetime...and so does his pet fish. CELL is a new collaboration between Smoking Apples, Little Cauliflower and Red Threaders using puppetry to explore a physically degenerative disease. This is a collaboration between Smoking Apples Theatre Company, Little Cauliflower and Red Threaders and is supported by Arts Council England.





The Wordcatcher

This is a bizarre tale of something and nothing, of sound and of silence both in the heart and in the mind. The Wordcatcher sees its characters try to fix things in place that don't fit together and through the expert use of miscommunication, the audience will witness how the holes and gaps in this story fill a void rather than leave one.




Seemingly Invisible

A romantic, tragic, cheeky tale of human endeavour and heartbreak. People pass you by, time ticks away on a typical British morning until, out of the settling gloom, an almost tangible and apparently invisible force emerges… What this force offers is for every individual to discover. This show invites you to embark on a journey, through trial and tribulation, to the ultimate destination where they give you back your dreams…


"Surprising, Quirky and a little Gem of a Play" - Running in Heels

"Alive and Fascinating to watch" - Uktheatre.net

"Evocative musical score" - FringeReview




Whispers from a Wandering Tent

Whispers from a Wandering Tent, is a tale that reveals the stories of Noah, an old traveling gypsy. He's met the lady with the beard, seen the stars fall from the skies and crossed the desserts of the Sahara. Come and join Noah on a journey that will take you through many of his favourite stories. Whispers from a Wandering Tent is devised through the use of puppetry, physical performance and live music.

This show requires no technical assistance and so is perfect for festivals, gardens, parks and any outdoor or indoor public spaces.



Seething Wells and The Defeat of King Cholera

Smoking Apples in collaboration with Dumbshow and The Community Brain present to you the story of how clean water came to London.

It is August 24th 1854, an oppressively hot summer in the heart of the emerging metropolis. Soho, an island of dirt, where the comings and goings of debauchery and creativity dance a merry dance. The streets are filthy, the air is fetid, but the sun in shining as Sarah Lewis carries her baby home. Little does she know that she is about to wipe out an entire community.

Smoking Apples and Dumbshow combined their approaches to devised theatre to produce a surprising and enlightening performance which tells this story, using music, text, puppets, movement and a shared interest in the project the ensemble performed a week of site specific shows to sell out audiences.