What we offer...

Alongside creating our own performances, we want to share our unique approach to creating the different elements of the work by offering a variety of community outreach programmes.

Following the success of the workshops we have already delivered; Smoking Apples intends to enable others to find their creativity through workshops in the different areas in which we specialise.



As these disciplines are varied, we offer a cross curricular programme therefore appealing to a wider variety your requirements, and the varied approaches to the subjects open the workshops up to different learning styles.


 The areas we offer workshops in are:


  • Creative Writing and Poetry,

  • Art and Puppetry Design,

  • Musical Improvisation and Interaction,

  • Ensemble Drama and or Puppetry.



If you have any further questions about how Smoking Apples could cater for a workshop for you or your organisation, please get in contact using the contact form or email us directly at mail@smokingapplestheatre.com