Performances and Workshops so far




4th – 14thMr Fezziwig’s Christmas Cracker – The Charles Dickens Museum

The Charles Dickens Museum was brought to life with Dickens’ characters walking through the corridors and haunting the attic. Smoking Apples performed a scene from A Christmas Carol in the collaboration with Petersham Playhouse.



27th – 28thThe Wordcatcher – Suspense Festival – The Pleasance Islington

We performed in the Little Angel Theatre’s puppetry festival, which only happens once every 2 years.


8thPuppetry Workshop – The Brady Centre

Using Kinetika’s big puppet DNA we ran a workshop for a small group of young people.



21st – 23rdJabberwocky – Cornbury Park

8th – 11th - Jabberwocky - Wilderness Festival in Cornbury Park

A promenade piece set in Cornbury Park Woods using music, puppetry and fantastic storytelling to bring Lewis Caroll’s famous poem to life. This is a collaboration between Smoking Apples, Petersham Playhouse and Sam Wyer.



29th  - Traditional Storytelling – Culture Café at the Rose Theatre

Smoking Apples spent 3 days devising, directing and making puppets with the Tamil School in Kingston, on the 29th the children performed their work to a delighted audience of friends, family, teachers and the public.


17th – 21stHansel and Gretel – British Film Institute

A weeks project creating a multimedia performance of Hansel and Gretel with schools local to the BFI including live music, film, projection and of course puppetry which was directed by Smoking Apples.




 4th - 7th - Our Theatre Project - The Globe Theatre




16th -  How to set up a theatre company - Rose Bruford College 

Matt and Molly went to Rose Bruford, to talk about how Smoking Apples was set up, and how to survive and operate as a Theatre Company 


 7th and 14th - Puppetry Making Course - Studio 22


 8th  - Our Theatre Project - The Globe Theatre




 30th - Our Theatre Project - The Globe Theatre

Molly and Hattie, designed and made puppets and then directed the puppetry for Our Theatre Project at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre. 


18th - Masks and Basques - The Rose Theatre, Kingston


 10th, 17th, 24th and 31st - Puppetry Making Course - Studio 22

Matt lead a 6 week puppetry making course





 6th, 7th, 8th, 13th, 14th and 15th -  A Christmas Carol  - Petersham House

A collaboration with Sam Wyer of Les Enfants Terribles and Petersham Playhouse. Description: 

Devised and Directed by Smoking Apples and Petersham Playhouse, puppets made by Sam Wyer.


2nd -  Punched (Puppetry scratch night) - The Nightingale Theatre




29th November 2012. Puppetry Workshop - Birmingham University 




16th, 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th October 2012. The Wordcatcher - Blue Elephant Theatre

Returning for a second time to the Blue Elephant to play The Wordcatcher 




10th - Team GB Parade, 10th September 2012. Our Greatest Team Parade 

Smoking Apples puppeteered the two Olympic and Paralympic Lions in Our Greatest Team Parade. A remarkable day for the Apples.




9th - 12th - Wilderness Festival - The Golden Key

Based on a Brothers Grimm Tale, Smoking Apples created a 10 minute version of The Golden Key, to be part of Petersham Playhouse's adventure in the woods Merkwood 



1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th August 2012 - The Little Rainbow Coloured Bird

Swanage Festival - Smoking Apples created a 15 minute children's show based on the book The Little Rainbow Coloured Bird written by Robin Hutchinson




7th at 1930, 19th at 2000, 20th at 1900 - The Wordcatcher


As part of the International Youth Arts Festival 2012, Smoking Apples will be performing the full version of this show for the first time.


5th from 17:30 - 19:30 - The Puppet Ensemble (Workshop)


Smoking Apples Theatre Company present a dynamic workshop which will share our approach to working with puppets, and participants will have the opportunity to try it for themselves. This will include an introduction to working as an ensemble in the theatre and how to use this complicité in order to create a basis for using puppetry.

(As part of the International Youth Arts Festival 2012)

Venue t.b.c.




30th from 17:30 - 19:30 - The Puppet/Performer Balance (Workshop)


Smoking Apples' work focuses on having performers and puppeteers sharing the stage equally. The second of our workshops will therefore draw on a variety of theatre disciplines and will look specifically at the above technique in terms of performance practice. Miscommunication is one of our central themes in The Wordcatcher and we will work toward creating short scenes surrounding this idea.

(As part of the International Youth Arts Festival 2012)

Venue t.b.c.




29th - Freshly Scratched

Smoking Apples took part in an evening of scratch performances under the theme of Theatre and Puppets. Organised by the BAC in association with Puppet Centre Trust.


Description: and 24th - Animate Festival big weekends.

Smoking Apples joined several other companies with performances in Kingston Town Centre.



Animate Festival began. Smoking Apples were popping up all over Kingston in cafes, at bus stops and on the streets.


3rd - Puppets as Performers and The Wordcatcher

Smoking Apples lead a one hour workshop followed by a performance of The Wordcatcher and finally a Question and Answer session. This event has been organised by Prague Film and Theatre Center, please have a look at their facebook page to find out more about them.


20th - The Wordcatcher

This was part of Lyric Lounge Lovesongs a scratch event at the Lyric Hammersmith. The Wordcatcher is a bizarre tale of something and nothing, of sound and of silence both in the heart and in the mind. The Wordcatcher sees its characters try to fix things in place that don't fit together and through the expert use of miscommunication, the audience will witness how the holes and gaps in this story fill a void rather than leave one.




7th to 8th - WeBuyAnyCar.Com

Description: for a new WeBuyAnyCar.Com advert to be released on 26th December 2011.

1st to 3rd - Lake Tahoe

Shadow puppetry for Lake Tahoe From Kate Bush's new album: 50 Words for Snow. Preview of the video available online; full video coming soon.




6th to 12th - Seething Wells and The Defeat of King Cholera

The company collaborated with Dumbshow and Community Brain and wowed audience's with an enlightening site specific performance about the outbreak of Cholera in London in 1831.



27th Sept to 1st October - Seemingly Invisible

The Blue Elephant Theatre, Camberwell.

A five day run in which Smoking Apples enchanted audience's in The Blue Elephant theatre. Check out our reviews page.


10th - London Studio Centre

The Apples performed Whispers from a Wandering Tent as part of this large scale performance.



27th - The Shift

Prototype, Tobacco Factory, Bristol

Part of this years Bristol Puppetry Festival, Smoking Apples were invited to perform their new short piece of inclosed and up close puppetry The Shift.


3rd to 5th - Weetabix advert

Greenford Studio

Members of Smoking Apples, puppetry for "Pretty bird USA" for a T.V commercial for Weetabix due to be released Sept 2011.



Description: - Seemingly Invisible

Arc Theatre, Trowbridge


15th - 16th - Seemingly Invisible and ION puppets

Larmer Tree Festival - Dorset

Smoking Apples performed Seemingly Invisible and on both days performed with large scale outdoor puppetry.


1st to 18th - International Youth Arts Festival

Smoking Apples were company in residence for the festival.

The Rose Theatre, Kingston, KT1 1HL.

  • 12th, 14th , 17th - Seemingly Invisible - The Rose Theatre, Main House.
  • 8th to 10th - Progressive workshop in Puppetry and performing puppetry as a performer and puppeteer.
  • 4th , 14th - Workshops in Puppetry and object manipulation.


2nd - Danson Festival

Danson Park, Bexleyheath

Smoking Apples ran a series of workshops leading up the the festival, resulting in a carnival procession with the children from 2 different local schools.



27th to 30th - Seemingly Invisible

Smoking Apples European Debut - Fringe Festival Praha

A Studio Rubin, Malostranské namestí 9, Malá Strana, Praha 1



16th - Rose Bruford College Symposium

Family Day, Puppet Interaction


14th - The Shift

The Barn Theatre, Rose Bruford College



17th to 27th - Artist Residency

Rio De Janiero - Brazil

Matt travelled to Brazil to continue his study on the "performer/audience/puppet" relationship.



28th - Seemingly Invisible

Puppetry Snax, Tara Arts Studio, Earlsfield


6th, 7th and 12th - From Amazon

Description: Rose Theatre

Associate director and head of animation for a project From Amazon in collaboration with International Youth Arts Festival and the Southborough and Coombe boys school.

Final Performance was attended by the HRH The Earl of Wessex KG KCVO Prince Edward.




16th, 17th and 21st - Seemingly Invisible

ScenePool - Upstairs at the Gatehouse, Highgate.



29th - Seemingly Invisible

Practice - Salisbury Arts Centre 7:30pm


26th - Whispers from a Wandering Tent

Farewell to Summer - Rose Bruford College 2-4pm



Edinburgh Festival Fringe

25th and 30th- Seemingly Invisible

Zoo Venues - Roxy, Edinburgh.


24th to 30th - Whispers from a Wandering Tent

The Meadows, Edinburgh.


Description: Garden Tour 2010

11th - Whispers from a Wandering Tent

Bexley Central Library


10th - Whispers from a Wandering Tent

Hall Place, Bexley


National Youth Theatre Workshops

In collaboration with Kinetika Arts International



23rd - Seemingly Invisible

Barn Theatre, Rose Bruford College


13th to 17th - Symposium, Rose Bruford College

  • 17th - Community Day, Walk about performance with Kinetika ION Puppet
  • 16th - Whispers from a Wandering Tent
  • 13th and 16th - Basic Puppetry Skills Workshop, BA (hons) and MA level students.