Need to give your staff a Team Building Experience?


Smoking Apples have just the perfect opportunity...

Smoking Apples theatre offer you the chance to give your team a unique experience. We run Team Building workshops which will give your colleagues a completely new level of understanding and awareness of each other. All of our puppets require more than one person to bring them to life, therefore your participants will learn to work closely together and understand each other in order to successfully animate the characters. Puppeteers can not vocalise commands in front of an audience on the stage, Smoking Apples will show your team how to communicate through non-verbal methods in order to achieve a common goal.

This workshop offers the chance for colleagues in the workplace to gain trust in each other and it is a fun and accessible way for colleagues to interact with each other in a informal manner. The workshop consists of a series of ensemble based exercises in order to bring the team together in preparation to then learn some basics in the art of puppetry.

This workshop will improve skills in trust, communication, creativity, group and individual morale, and will help enable your team to identify and understand each others strengths and weaknesses.

For more information about the content of our workshops and a breakdown of the options for a 3 hour Team Building Experience please email