The Core

Russet a.k.a. Hattie Thomas

Hattie began her training at the Oval House Theatre where she had her first experience of puppetry. She went on to read European Theatre Arts at Rose Bruford College whilst continuing to expand her experience as assistant director and performer for Sketchbook Productions. Hattie has studied violin, alto saxophone and classical singing and has taken this into exploring alternative forms of theatrical expression. In 2009 she trained in puppetry at DAMU in Prague and is heavily influenced by the work of theatre company OBRA after spending some time with them that same year. She then took this research into her BA Hons degree and specialised in expressive voice and the emotional capabilities of the puppet. Her previous experience in theatre ranges from the role of The Christian Whore in Exitus Religionis a new devised piece by Jonathan Grieve, to the role of Ludo in an outdoor stage version of David Bowie's The Labyrinth.



Jonagold a.k.a. Matt Lloyd

Matt's love for performing was given scope to develop from the age of 6 when he started performing in Road shows and other events at church across Buckingshire and Kent, he trained at a young age at both Sylvia Young theatre school and Homewood School & Performing Arts College, performing across the U.K and Europe. He continued to train and studied at the Limon Dance School in New York, and studied Mask Making in Venice. In 2006 he created the Performing Arts enterprise scheme for non business study students to support Performing Arts students in entrepreneurial projects. Matt trained and studied at Rose Bruford College in European Theatre Arts and additionally trained at DAMU in the Czech Republic studying specifically in Puppetry. After returning to England continued with extended research into the mechanisms of puppetry in relation to the performer/spectator relationship and audience psychological perceptions. Matt is a co-founder of Smoking Apples and as well as performing loves to specifically design and construct the puppets mechanisms.

Golden Delicious a.k.a. Molly Freeman

Molly Freeman's passion for the form of puppetry stemmed from an interest in the beauty of movement in performance and she sues this as the main impetus when devising. Molly is particularly keen on researching how the puppet and the actor can share the stage in harmony to create theatre that focuses on the quality of being human. She first developed this whilst studying abroad in Prague in 2009. Her previous experience in theatre and puppetry includes work with internationally renowned company Kinetika and more recently a role as puppeteer in the latest Weetabix advert.